Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat


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Laurie Carter Lapatinaand here we go. another day of stalking HONY I can already tell this one will also probably make me cry i love these stories and little glimpses into people’s lives. 2.7K . Ellie Xmm lost all my family in one day!I lost all my family in one day! . Gary MartinYou are such an amazing sister, after reading this I felt so much love and care deep down in my heart  . Steph Torok NelsonDeb Lawson Torok . Lito NaulNo girl name start with A and end with A, prove me wrong and stand a chance to win $1200-3600 . Bitrice M Colethose pictures are lovely GENEis a fighter  Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat

Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat 1
Doormat 1

Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat

What a sweet picture of them on the beach.. My mom had MS for 30+ years . She drove her vehicle with hand controls and we built a completely handicapped accessible home. My dad stuck by her until the day she passed away. There was nothing greater than their love for each other and us. So glad. Jacqui Naville. Vanessa. So many parents with MS have commented on here, saying how hard this hit them. . Karen Beim Joey Beim . These stories are a real and beautiful demonstration of family..not all is the glue. Loving them. Inspirational. FYI,all those chapters, even the hard ones, are necessary. They build character.. Mizpeh Beaucoupde. Rhonda Banks read through the comments when you get a chance. Kamran Ali Syed, please read this.. Anna Berry. Nice. Thank you for sharing your story. It is so difficult to live with MS and the unpredictability of this devastating disease only makes it worst. Bringing awareness to MS and promoting research for new innovations in regenerative therapy is something I am Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat

Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat 2
Doormat 2

Gun this door is locked for your protection not mine doormat

Ellie, this one got me.. Lisa Rensenbrink Valdez Another good one. TJ Buehler. So sorry to hear your story. . My mum died in 2014 from a ruptured aneurysm. Fortunately my siblings and I were adults but that doesn’t take away the fact we were left without a mum. A piece of you dies when that happens.
Moreover, we discovered later that year that aneurysms ran. Wheew! On edge already. Keri Mar Luan. Istaahil Abdi. Celeste this is the one I was talking about.. Leilani Susnjara onions. Brandon Fitton not now but tmr. Where’s the second half to read this story?. Laura Ormeroid. Your mother deserved better.. Amo McGuire. Patrick, will you show Tracy this, hits home a little bit! Not completely, but you’ll get it.. Ooooh this was a good one . Jesus Nieves . Brooks Rice. Erin. This one hit too close. My mom was also a single mom, full time nurse, and also passed due to a brain aneurysm when I was 13. Always taking care of others before worrying about herself. Sending kindred spirit hugs

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