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Aliens: Fireteam Elite Xenomorph Enemy Guide – Every Type And How To Kill Them


The original 1979 nightmare fuel, Facehuggers may be fleshy obstacles that can be taken down with just a few rounds, but they make up for their fragility with speed and guile. They can usually be found in eggs in the later levels, where it’s always a good idea to destroy them before they can hatch. Should Facehuggers get loose, though, they’ll quickly move towards you and attempt to violate your social space, so keep an eye open for them as even a single one can disrupt a well-organized defense.

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The rank and file variant of the iconic Xenomorph species, Runners are simple-minded cannon fodder that can easily be taken out with a precise burst from a pulse rifle. What the Runners lack in fortitude, they more than make up for in terms of numbers that can easily overwhelm a strike team and a cunning nature that allows them to use their environment to their full advantage. They’ll crawl over ceilings, climb walls, and run through your offense to get one last swipe in, while their corpses leave behind an acidic reminder once they expire.


Xenomorph Prowler
Xenomorph Prowler

For a Xenomorph species that features a distinct red carapace, Prowlers are adept at hiding in the shadows. They’ll often lurk in the quieter corridors of a level, and if you don’t spot one in time, they’ll pounce on you and deliver some quick damage. With a chunky health bar, you’ll need a full clip of ammo to take one of these predators down, and in combat, they’ll use the Runner as cover to close the gap and use a leap attack to finish you off.