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Four officers who defended the US Capitol from a mob of violent pro-Trump insurrectionists on Jan. 6 gave horrific testimony Tuesday about the verbal and physical attacks they were subjected to during the riot.

Speaking before a House special committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, the officers described how they were beaten, punched, kicked, electrocuted, stripped of their weapons and masks, and nearly crushed to death while enduring a stream of taunts, threats, and racist insults from rioters attempting to stop lawmakers from certifying President Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

Fuck Biden And His Gun Laws Hat Cap 3

DC Metropolitan Police officers Daniel Hodges and Michael Fanone and Capitol Police Sgts. Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell became emotional while describing the violence of that day and the toll it has taken on their physical and emotional health, as well as their frustration and anger with elected officials who have downplayed the events of Jan. 6.

Authorities estimated that about 140 officers were injured that day when they were trampled upon, sprayed with chemical irritants, and beaten with weapons fashioned from flagpoles, metal barriers, and baseball bats.

Gonell and Dunn also testified about the racist insults and slurs that Trump supporters spewed at them while storming the Capitol.

The officers recalled hearing the crowd calling them “traitors” and chanting “fuck the blue.”

A video played during Tuesday’s testimony showed the kind of insults and taunts officers were subjected to during the attack, including shouts of “Traitors, how do you live with yourself?” and “Die, traitors!”