Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt

Godzilla Vs Mothra And Ghidorah Hawaiian Shirt

Ultimate Godzilla Figure Reaching Almost 3 Feet Long From Teeth to Tail Announced

Get ready to collect the Godzilla of Godzilla figurines – Mascot Toyz has announced that one of the biggest and most impressive kaiju collectibles is now available for preorder. It’s a big, hefty boy, so you’ll want to be careful where you put it on display. The manufacturers even specifically suggest keeping it off of high shelves and placing it on a table or other surface no higher than three feet off the ground. You know, so Godzilla doesn’t end up stomping on you.

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Regardless of where you display it, be sure to give it plenty of space. The entire figure is 33″ from nose to tail, just short of three feet long, and it even lights up. Godzilla Hawaiian Shirt. Both the mouth and the dorsal fins glow a mesmerizing electric blue when you press the discreetly hidden buttons on its back. There’s also a button that makes it bellow a “movie-accurate” roar.

Godzilla Vs Mothra And Ghidorah Hawaiian Shirt
Godzilla Vs Mothra And Ghidorah Hawaiian Shirt
Godzilla Vs Mothra And Ghidorah Hawaiian Shirt 1

You can choose to display it in its collector-friendly packaging, or you can unleash the beast and pose it however you wish. And you’ll have plenty of poses to chose from with its 10 points of articulation and hinged jaw. But remember: this is not a toy. It’s designed specifically for display purposes and should only be given to discerning collectors age 15 and older. Rough play could severely damage it, and there are small pieces that young children could potentially choke on if you aren’t careful, despite Godzilla knowing a thing or two about damage.

The Ultimate Godzilla figurine is now available for preorder and is expected to ship between August and October 2022. The figure retails for $450. Check out more images of the massive Godzilla figure below.