Whataburger Hawaiian Shirt

Whataburger Hawaiian Shirt

f you’re the kind of Texan who likes to roll through life with a stockpile of burgers and fries — but have no way to keep them fresh and think it’d be a lot cooler if you did — then Whataburger’s latest merch could help preserve your out-to-lunch philosophy, and your actual lunch.

The San Antonio-based fast-food brand known and loved as much for its quirky clothing and merch as it is for its menu of meaty, saucy, fried specialties, has a new product that Whataburger lovers will surely crave. Introducing the special-edition Whatacooler collection.

Whataburger has teamed up with Katy-based ubiquitous ice chest biz Igloo to serve fans an all-new Whataburger Playmate Elite cooler — decked out in the burger chain’s signature orange and white stripes, of course — and an insulated Whataburger fanny pack cooler bag to match.

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Whataburger aloha hawaiian shirt and beach short

The special-edition Whatacooler Playmate Elite ($49.99), which has a 16-quart capacity and fits as many as 30 12-ounce cans (and probably a lot more patty melts than that), and the three-can Whatacooler fanny pack cooler bag ($29.99) are currently available at igloocoolers.com/whataburger and shop.whataburger.com, while supplies last.

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“No matter where our fans are headed this fall, we look forward to being part of the new memories they make with Whataburger and Igloo in tow,” says Rich Scheffler, Whataburger senior vice president and chief marketing officer, via a release. “Our fans are sure to enjoy our iconic orange and white stripes on this new Playmate Elite. What a perfect cooler!”

Baby Yoda Holding Whataburger Steel Tumbler
Baby Yoda Holding Whataburger Steel Tumbler

In some ways, the collab makes sense. The two Texas brands have each been in business for more than seven decades, and both have long maintained a zealous fan base, so it was only a matter of time before a food biz and a biz that makes products that keep food fresh hooked up.

“Teaming up with Whataburger, our Texan neighbor for more than 70 years, has been such a treat for us,” says Brian Garofalow, chief marketing officer at Igloo. “All of us at Igloo are big fans and regular customers. In fact, Whataburger being enjoyed in the Igloo cafeteria is a daily occurrence. And now with this Whataburger collection, which we like to call our Whatacoolers, we’re giving fans a fun way to keep their drinks cold until it’s time to devour their next tasty Whataburger.”

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